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Tata Technologies’ PLM Analytics Maturity Assessment Program

  • A CIMdata Whitepaper:
  • Tata Technologies has developed a four-component PLM Analytics maturity assessment program designed to provide insight and guidance to customers about the state of Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) within their enterprise. This approach enables a company to start with a quick, low-cost assessment that will identify issues and potential directional priorities for their PLM program. With each successive component, they obtain more extensive knowledge about their current situation, leading to a detailed execution roadmap to guide them. Using the results of the PLM Analytics methodology helps companies close their PLM value gap.
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Simulation-Driven Systems Development (SDSD): Challenges, Strategies, and Opportunities for Success

  • A CIMdata Commentary:
  • Participants from industry, government, and academia, as well as solution providers attended the recent CIMdata Simulation Driven Systems Development (SDSD) Knowledge Council Workshop held at the UI Labs/Digital Manufacturing and Design Innovation Institute (DMDII) in Chicago, IL on June 6 & 7, 2017. This annual workshop was focused on the technical challenges, business opportunities, and implementation strategies for industry to define and achieve best practices for simulation-driven systems development within the context of the rapid digitalization of global enterprises.
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PTC’s LiveWorx 2017

  • A CIMdata Commentary:
  • CIMdata attended PTC’s LiveWorx 2017, held in Boston May 23 through 25. Billed as a technology conference and marketplace for solutions engineered for a “smart, connected world,” the event was staged under the banner “Shaping the Future of Business.”
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Transforming Value Chains: Accenture in Retail, Footwear, and Apparel

  • A CIMdata Commentary:
  • Successfully implementing PLM in retail, footwear, and apparel (RFA) firms requires deep RFA industry experience and process knowledge, and access to the levers of power in the executive suite of RFA firms. Accenture offers access to the latest PLM technology, a deep bench of savvy RFA professionals, and a long history of successful PLM implementations.
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Making the Connection: The Path to Cloud PLM

  • A CIMdata eBook:
  • This eBook is the first deliverable from a multi-sponsor collaborative research program on the use of cloud-based solutions to PLM strategies and processes in industrial companies. The eBook seeks to frame the debate around cloud-based applications using standard terminology, supporting the discussion with selected data from the survey results and quotes from interviews conducted. The eBook also takes a look at PTC's PLM Cloud.
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DESIGN In the Age of Experience: An Inspirational Dassault Systèmes’ Event

  • A CIMdata Commentary:
  • Dassault Systèmes’ DESIGN In the Age of Experience event, held in Milan, Italy was inspiring and showcased a significant number of their clients and how they are using Dassault Systèmes’ 3DEXPERIENCE platform to change the way they innovate and design. This event was organized around Dassault Systèmes’ four pillars of design in the age of experience: Designing Experience, Design is The Business Plan, Design is Tribes, and Design is Science Driven, each of which were expanded on throughout the event.
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Are Students “Real-World” Ready? The Challenge in Preparing Students for Industry 4.0

  • A CIMdata Whitepaper:
  • Educational organizations must prepare tomorrow’s leaders for tomorrow’s realities as embodied in Industry 4.0, systems engineering, SDPD, and similar initiatives. This includes the need for educators as well as engineering and manufacturing leaders to understand the impacts and value of PLM in driving new economies, markets, and technologies. The education of the next generation of workers for industrial companies is a critical element, and having them cognizant of the capabilities inherent in a PLM strategy is critical to ongoing success.
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Aras ACE 2017–The Rise of the Platform

  • A CIMdata Commentary:
  • The Aras ACE 2017 conference was exciting. Aras has a swagger based on their growth and recent big wins in the PLM industry. While originally dismissive, their competition is starting to pay attention to Aras, and CIMdata is receiving a lot of inquiries about what Aras is doing, both from competitors and industrial companies. As it grows its customer base and scope of its solutions, Aras will have its work cut out for it to maintain its competitive position.
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Wipro’s PLM Harmonization Framework for Successful M&A

  • A CIMdata Commentary:
  • CIMdata has looked at Wipro’s M&A related PLM advisory and implementation capability. Consequently, we feel that Wipro has developed a systematic playbook, a broad set of system of integration frameworks, a robust governance model, and a PLM maturity model to guide companies in realistically predicting and realizing PLM related value in M&As. CIMdata has also studied post-merger PLM integrations and concludes that Wipro should be considered as a PLM harmonization partner for realizing the long-term business transformation which may be expected from a merger or an acquisition.
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SIMULIA Analyst Event 2017: Simulating Product, Nature, and Life

  • A CIMdata Commentary:
  • SIMULIA has developed a leading simulation solution portfolio that, when deployed within the framework of a product innovation platform, such as the 3DEXPERIENCE platform, enables model-based systems engineering capabilities for their customers. CIMdata believes that the company has made strong moves towards providing a process and management foundation and apps-based execution technology that can help their customers achieve sustainable innovation.
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Altair Enables Up-Front Multi-Disciplinary Systems Development and Design Optimization

  • A CIMdata Commentary:
  • CIMdata is impressed with Altair’s product strategy for enabling systems simulation up front in the product development process to drive innovative product design concepts and by Altair’s execution in developing a comprehensive portfolio of multi-physics solvers integrated with Altair’s world-class optimization capabilities. The bottom line is that Altair has grown into a multi-physics systems modeling and simulation platform provider that can compete toe-to-toe with the major PLM market leaders and has the potential to be a disruptive force in their targeted industry segments.
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SOLIDWORKS World 2017: Expanding the Eco-System

  • A CIMdata Commentary:
  • CIMdata recently attended the 19th annual SOLIDWORKS World conference at the Los Angeles Convention Center, Los Angeles, California, USA. A large and enthusiastic crowd of over 5,000 SOLIDWORKS users attended the conference. This year’s theme was “The New, The Next, The Never Before.”
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A Proposed Framework to Simplify Enterprise Network Management: Why Microsoft with LinkedIn Has the Right Elements to Deliver It

  • A CIMdata Position Paper:
  • CIMdata’s proposed digital framework as described in this position paper links People, Organizations, Projects, and Applications/Tools through visible profiles. Enterprises have significant opportunities to improve the trust and engagement of their key stakeholders by adopting CIMdata’s proposed digital framework within a more open culture. With the recent acquisition of LinkedIn, Microsoft now has a “proven” approach to implement the network management framework that is proposed by CIMdata.
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Achieving Sustainable Innovation: The Value of a Platform for Scientific and Engineering Simulation

  • A CIMdata Whitepaper:
  • The value of the platform approach comes to full fruition when it enables systems engineering thinking and model-centric processes. The underpinnings of the mentioned value can be delivered by operating within the 3DEXPERIENCE platform. Platformization based on a design engineering innovation foundation is key for staying competitive in today’s business environment. It is the foundation for sustainable and profitable growth in our fast-paced, ever shifting, and technologically complex, connected, and mobile world.
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Enterprise Product Record: Oracle’s Digital Thread

  • A CIMdata Commentary:
  • CIMdata attended the Oracle Modern Supply Chain Experience 2016 in San Jose, California on February 13-15, 2017. The Oracle Modern Supply Chain Experience is a business meeting focused on market influencers and decision makers with presentations by Oracle, customers, and selected partners. Over 3,000 people attended from around the world.
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Keys to Capital Project Success for EPCs and Owner-Operators

  • A CIMdata eBook:
  • In this CIMdata eBook find out how an integrated information platform can improve results and reduce risks on large-scale projects.
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Autodesk: Transition at the Top

  • A CIMdata Highlight:
  • The morning of February 7, 2017 brought news that Carl Bass was resigning from Autodesk effective February 8. Mr. Bass is only the third CEO in Autodesk’s history, having taken the helm from Carol Bartz in 2006, who succeeded Autodesk founder John Walker in 1992. Mr. Bass is notable for leading the company through major transformations of both its product offerings and business models.
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CIMdata's Consulting Approach for Industrial Organizations
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We start with the clients’ strategic business objectives. We educate, provide guidance, make concrete recommendations, transfer knowledge, and define and execute action plans. We work with our clients to customize programs based on their unique requirements. We have a proven track record of providing high-quality, experienced, and skilled consulting services to industrial organizations around the word for over 30 years.

CIMdata's Consulting Approach

PLM Transformation
CIMdata's Consulting Methodology for Industrial Organizations that Transforms Your Business for Competitive Advantage

CIMdata’s consulting methodology for industrial organizations—PLM Transformation—is based on more than 30 years of PLM consulting best practices and experience. At the heart of CIMdata’s consulting methodology is education – the transfer of knowledge. It is embedded in every step and phase of PLM-related business process and technology transformations. PLM Transformation has been designed to support your organization’s target of achieving and sustaining a competitive advantage.

PLM Transformation - Support for Industrial Organizations


Strategy Development for Industrial Organizations

The development of a consistent, well-thought-out and executed PLM strategy is critical. CIMdata delivers on this because of its extensive experience with industrial organizations around the world. Strategy is not about deploying technologies, but rather about clarifying internal and external collaboration and robust decision-making processes and capabilities needed to achieve the business objectives as the first step.

Solution Definition for Industrial Organizations

CIMdata’s consulting methodology for industrial organizations includes a number of customized activities that support the development of a detailed PLM solution definition. This definition is based upon a client’s specific PLM strategy.

CIMdata takes a business-centric approach to ensure that business needs are met with the most appropriate combination of PLM-enabled business processes to support the client’s PLM needs.

CIMdata deploys a number of best-practice oriented tools, such as PLM-focused technology and process maturity models, and a benefits-appraisal model to help define the solution.

Solution Evaluation & Selection for Industrial Organizations

CIMdata’s extensive understanding of commercially available PLM solutions dramatically reduces the time needed to evaluate and select the most appropriate PLM solutions.

CIMdata’s evaluation and selection approach helps a company focus on the business and technical issues that are most critical for achieving its PLM strategy and vision.

By leveraging CIMdata’s knowledge of the available solutions and our client’s specific requirements, we are able to provide a short-list of appropriate PLM solutions for further evaluation.

CIMdata’s comprehensive Request for Proposal (RFP)/Request for Quotation (RFQ) template has been proven to transform business requirements into technical requirements.

This list of three to six solutions is then evaluated with the help of a number of technical and business-oriented templates and associated methodologies.

CIMdata helps facilitate final selection by making sure all strengths and weaknesses are measured and considered so the best business solutions are recommended.

Implementation Planning for Industrial Organizations

After selecting the appropriate PLM-enabling solutions, CIMdata’s support continues throughout the implementation-planning phase of a PLM project.

We offer best-practice support in implementation rollout, statement-of-work development, contract negotiation, implementation team structuring, “to-be” process definition, systems definition, cultural/organizational change management, and training, to name a few.

Our best practices cover a number of PLM-related business processes, such as configuration management, engineering change, data modeling and classification schema development, and other.

Implementation Support for Industrial Organizations

CIMdata’s implementation support services are extensive

CIMdata is an independent and unbiased PLM management consulting firm and is able to provide strategic implementation consultants and program managers who always place the client’s interests first

Best-practice support related to process implementation and implementation assessments

Education for those who manage or own the process, for those benefiting from the outcome of the process, and for those responsible for realizing the project

Monitoring & Continuous Improvement for Industrial Organizations

CIMdata provides a robust set of services designed to maximize each client’s ability to gain the most advantage from their PLM solution.

CIMdata leverages a set of assessment techniques and other best-practice experiences to identify areas requiring improvement and then recommends roadmaps to move forward.

CIMdata’s extensive PLM industry experience plays a vital role during this PLM project phase. Our consultants, who each average more than twenty years of experience in the PLM business, leverage their knowledge of hundreds of PLM implementations in numerous countries, companies, and industries in order to help our clients succeed.

CIMdata takes a practical approach, ensuring that our clients not only know where improvement is required, but also what course of action is recommended.

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Featured Cimdata Reports

PLM Benefits Appraisal Guide

CIMdata’s PLM Benefits Appraisal Guide is designed to help potential PLM users evaluate the applicability and payoffs of PLM in their enterprise, and to help existing users of PLM monitor the impact it is having on their product programs.

AEC Market Overview Report

2017 Edition available now. The CIMdata 2017 AEC Market Overview Report presents CIMdata’s detailed analysis of the Architecture, Engineering, and Construction (AEC) market.

PLM Market Analysis Reports

2017 Modules available for pre-order. The PLM MAR Series provides detailed information and in-depth analysis on the worldwide PLM market. It contains analyses of major trends and issues, leading PLM providers, revenue analyses for geographical regions and industry sectors, and historical and projected data on market growth.

PLM Market Analysis Country Reports

These reports offer country-specific analyses of the PLM market. Their focus is on PLM investment and use in industrial markets. Reports cover Brazil, Germany, India, Japan, Russia, South Korea, and the United States.

Simulation & Analysis Market Analysis Report

2017 Edition now available. This report presents CIMdata’s overview of the global simulation and analysis market, one of the fastest growing segments of the overall product lifecycle management market, including profiles of the leading S&A firms.

CAM Market Analysis Report

2017 Edition now available. This report presents CIMdata’s overview of the worldwide CAM software and services market. It also includes a discussion on the trends in the CAM industry and updates on the top CAM solution providers.