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Digitalizing Reality

Digitalizing Reality

A Complimentary CIMdata Educational Webinar with Gerard Litjens, Vice President, EMEA, CIMdata

July 12 2018
11:00  EDT | 08:00  PDT | 17:00 CEDT

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Do any of the following statements sound a little too familiar?
  • The speed in which technological advancements take place significantly impacts product development, maintenance, and the product lifecycle.
  • There is a gap in adoption of these advancements between startups and established companies.
  • We are having difficulty implementing these advancements beyond product development.
  • It isn't always obvious how these technological advancements interfere with or influence each other, which creates uncertainty about where to start.
  • Customers are no longer willing to wait for their product, which pushes companies towards manufacturing smaller quantities, even for a market of one.

The digital enablement of key business processes is growing rapidly. At times, these developments seem to be moving at warp speed, are difficult to follow and understand, and are even more difficult to integrate into one’s business. The opportunities listed below, and their business value are clear, but many have no idea what to do with them.

Industry 4.0, the German originated initiative that envisioned a whole new level of dynamically constructing value chains across a wide range of industries, and supporting them to the factory level.

IoT is definitely an enabler, as it offers new opportunities for understanding how products are used in the real world.

Predictive analytics and cognitive solutions help identify best actions for maintenance, overhaul, or replacement.

Digital twins help companies better design products and their manufacturing processes, especially in an economy where product functionalities are more and more software driven.

At this year's CIMdata PLM Road Map conference we will discuss these trends and the important role of PLM. This webinar will provide you with a sneak preview of what you should expect to get out of this event, which will take place in Stuttgart, Germany on 24 October.

What will I learn by attending this webinar?
  • You will learn that PLM is at the core of all these product and business related trends.
  • You learn about the CIMdata Product Innovation Platform and CIMdata Enterprise Application Capabilities Model.
  • You will understand why CIMdata's PLM Road Map Conference is the must-attend event for learning from other companies that deal with similar challenges to those you are experiencing.
  • You will learn why CIMdata's PLM Road Map Conference provides a great platform for you to meet with your industry peers and share experiences and challenges.
Who should attend?
  • Senior executives including: COOs, CMOs, engineering executives, marketing executives, manufacturing executives, and maintenance executives.
  • Product planners, product managers, and product portfolio managers.
  • PLM team leaders, PLM team members, and all PLM users.
  • Product managers, IT leadership, and solution providers.
  • Anyone who wants to learn more about how PLM is at the core of the main product and service trends.

During the webinar you’ll also have the opportunity to ask questions about the topics discussed.


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