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Technology Impact on Ideation and Idea Management

Technology Impact on Ideation and Idea Management

A Complimentary CIMdata Educational Webinar with Dr. Suna Polat, Director, Collaborative Innovation & Social Product Development Consulting Practice, CIMdata

May 12, 2016
11:00  EDT | 08:00  PDT | 17:00 CEDT

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Do any of the following statements sound a little too familiar?
  • There are so many options and approaches to creating ideas, I am struggling to understand the common threads and best practices across them as we try to improve our ideation and idea management systems.
  • Modern ideation solutions leverage the web and mobile technologies which makes the inclusion of large and diverse networks in the ideation process easier. We are struggling to transition to the mindset these approaches need.
  • There are so many digital solutions for ideation, I don't know which ones will meet my needs.
  • We need to get beyond the inefficiencies of enterprise innovation management but are not sure how to do that.

Have you ever wondered how innovative companies and organizations come up with their ideas?

What are the capabilities, practices, and cultural elements that enable them to come up with good ideas that fuel their innovation and growth?

Any organization that aspires to innovate better must have thought about these questions. The two critical activities related to these questions are: ideation and idea management. Ideation involves processes and tools to define, capture, manage, and prioritize a set of “ideas” for new products and/or services, or improvement of existing products and/or services. Idea Management is about organizing and updating well-defined ideas in a database with clear articulation of the value proposition for each idea with supporting evidence.

While best practices and lessons learned have not changed much, the web and mobile technologies have created new mediums that are revolutionizing the “ideation” process. Likewise, Enterprise Innovation Management (EIM) platforms are providing tools for systemic “idea management” as part of their portfolio and program management offerings. There is substantial evidence that these modern digital solutions are increasing innovation productivity and effectiveness by structuring and systemizing idea management processes and decisions.

In this webinar we will share examples of modern ideation and idea management approaches, as well as highlighting their importance to innovating better and more efficiently.

This webinar will also serve as a primer for our upcoming Innovation Engagement & Governance Knowledge Council workshop entitled “Where Good Ideas Come From? - Strategies and tools to innovate better, and grow faster and more efficiently in today’s connected economy!“ which takes place on May 25 in Santa Clara, California. Click here for more information on this event or register.

What will I learn by attending this webinar?

  • You will understand more about proven best practices and lessons learned that lead to better ideas
  • You will be able to identify the desirable characteristics of software platforms that support ideation and idea management
  • You will have a better understanding of the cultural and skill implications of modern digital approaches to ideation and idea management

Join us for this webinar if you want to:

  • Learn more about proven best practices and lessons learned that lead to better ideas
  • Learn about the desirable characteristics of digital platforms that support ideation and idea management
  • Learn about the cultural and the skill implications of modern digital approaches to ideation and idea management

Who should attend?

  • Innovation managers
  • Product and portfolio managers
  • Marketing professionals
  • Engineering managers
  • PLM leaders and users
  • IT leadership and solution providers
  • Anyone who wants to learn more about innovation, innovation management, and innovation practices

During the webinar you’ll also have the opportunity to ask questions about the topics discussed.


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