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Enterprise Innovation Management Solutions - Connecting the Dots!

Enterprise Innovation Management Solutions - Connecting the Dots!

A Complimentary CIMdata Educational Webinar

November 11, 2015
11:00  EST | 08:00  PST | 17:00 CST

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Do any of the following statements sound a little too familiar?
  • Enterprise innovation management suffers from inefficiencies due to disjointed processes, solutions, and data

  • Enterprises are hesitant to invest in new solutions due to the confusion, uncertainty, and ambiguity caused by the substantial differences in terminology, solution approaches, strategies, obstacles, best practices, and benefits claimed from the plethora of innovation solution providers

  • The lack of a common innovation system framework and clear terminology to explain how solutions fit into this framework is hindering industrial companies in their adoption of solutions and solution providers in expanding their markets

Many enterprises struggle with inefficiencies in managing innovation due to disjointed processes, solutions, and data. Recognizing that product complexity is increasing while innovation cycles are being compressed enterprises must learn how to address these inefficiencies. Yet, many appear slower to invest in Enterprise Innovation Management (EIM) solutions than they should be, considering the competitive benefits that adoption of these solutions can yield. CIMdata identified that this hesitancy to act is due largely to the confusion, uncertainty, and ambiguity created by the substantial differences in terminology, solution approaches, strategies, best practices, and benefit claims that they hear from the plethora of innovation management solution providers. A multi-sponsor research project was initiated to create an EIM Solutions guide to help accelerate the development of the global EIM market for the benefit of both solution providers and industrial companies. In this webinar, CIMdata will describe the innovation framework that is emerging based on the research, and representatives from the co-sponsors of this research (eZassi, Planview, Siemens PLM Software, and Sopheon) will discuss their perspective on how their solutions connect across this innovation framework and benefit industry clients.

What will I learn by attending this webinar?

  • You will have the opportunity to preview emerging insights from CIMdata’s research and the proposed innovation system framework and supporting terminology
  • You will learn how corporations are "connecting the dots" of enterprise innovation investments to improve real business performance through a developing EIM framework
  • You will learn about critical innovation challenges, and how these challenges are addressed by software solutions and best practices of the sponsors of CIMdata’s research

Why should I attend?

  • To gain an understanding of the critical challenges in enterprise innovation management and new product development
  • To gain an awareness of the solutions and best practices that are proven to address critical challenges
  • To learn more about CIMdata’s proposed innovation system framework and terminology

Who should attend?

  • Those with responsibility to lead, promote, and/or measure innovation
  • Those with responsibility to choose, promote, and measure adoption of innovation solutions
  • Open Innovation Leaders
  • PLM Leaders
  • IT leadership and solution providers
  • PLM software providers, PLM service providers, and PLM channel partners
  • Product managers
  • Anyone who wants to learn more about innovation and innovation management

During the webinar you’ll also have the opportunity to ask questions about the topics discussed.



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