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17 October 2008

CIMdata PLM Industry Summary

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SCS Paris 2008

2-5 DECEMBRE 2008, Paris Nord Villepinte - Hall 6 -France

At SCS Paris 2008 in collaboration with Thésame, CIMdata presents " Mechatronics Role in a PLM Strategy," on Wednesday, 3-December, from 10:00am to 12:00pm. As products continue to become more complex, and have begun to include a range of mechanical, electronic, and embedded software components. Successful PLM strategies and environments must provide solid support for product definition and management in this environment and must be able to handle the full product definition. This session will focus on the importance of managing the complete product definition, successful approaches taken by industrial companies, and the impact on their ability to deliver more competitive products and services to their customers."

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CIMdata Online Polls

CIMdata is now featuring online polls with real time reporting on our web site at Each week the results of the previous poll will be included in the CIMdata PLM Industry Summary to help you stay on top of trends in the PLM industry.

Take a moment to visit the site and vote on our current poll.

The results for the last opinion poll are:

For comparison here are the results from when we featured this poll in 2004

CIMdata Analysis

The latest CIMdata poll results identified that integration among CAD systems is the greatest interoperability challenge for companies (41% of responders). This is up from 23% four years earlier and indicates that managing CAD data from multiple sources across organization and the supply / design chain is growing in importance. As more companies outsource design to their partners, multi-CAD integration will remain a key success factor.

Integration with other PDM systems was identified as a leading challenge by 13% of responders – approximately the same as four years ago. This issue will continue as multiple PDM solutions are used throughout the design chain. However, as new architectures and standards are adopted, PDM to PDM integration, while essential, is becoming easier.

Several other interoperability areas were considered less challenging in the current poll versus four years ago. These include integration with enterprise resource planning systems and supply chain management.  Each of these areas has been addressed by PLM solution providers during the four year period with both better integrations to third party solutions and incorporation of these functions within larger PLM solution suites. This has reduced the need/problems of integration for these areas.

NOTE: The results of these polls are anecdotal, not scientific.
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