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Innovation Engagement & Governance Workshop - May 2016

Where do “Good Ideas” come from?
Strategies and tools to innovate better, and grow faster and more efficiently in today’s connected economy
A CIMdata Innovation Engagement & Governance Workshop
May 25, 2016 | The Biltmore Inn & Suites, Santa Clara, CA

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Are you involved in Innovation at your company?

If so, plan to join your peers to discuss all the key topics and more at our upcoming Innovation Engagement & Governance workshop.


CIMdata’s Innovation Engagement & Governance Workshop: Where do “Good Ideas” come from? Strategies and tools to innovate better, and grow faster and more efficiently in today’s connected economy, is the must-attend event for industrial organizations and solution providers who are interested in innovation engagement and governance. It will provide attendees with independent experiences from industrial companies and a collaborative networking environment where ideas, trends, experiences, and relationships critical to the industry germinate and take root.

Successful companies that systematically innovate have found a delicate balance of cultivating creativity, a collaborative and risk taking culture, and applying process discipline to maintain an innovation rhythm consistent with their business strategies and plans. Finding and maintaining this delicate balance is just as important for a startup as it is for a large enterprise, although their starting point is on the opposite side of this balance. A rapidly growing startup often seeks to bring process discipline without eroding the creative and risk taking spirit that seeded the company, whereas the challenge for a large enterprise is typically how to encourage creativity and risk taking without eroding the processes that were implemented overtime to reduce risks to the business. The problem of how to do innovation in this highly connected and accelerated innovation economy may be summed up as “how do you maintain a small company feel while creating an economy of scale to execute innovation with the speed and efficiency demanded by the market?” Addressing this problem requires a new mindset as well as a new set of innovation strategies, practices, and tools.

Workshop participants will explore a critical innovation activity “ideation” under a theme of “where good ideas come from?” “Ideation” is often used synonymously with “innovation.” It is a term typically associated with the “Front End” of innovation where new offerings (products & services) and targets (consumers & markets) are proposed and evaluated. Many of the executives that CIMdata interviewed in a recent research study on the Enterprise Innovation Management market assumed this context when they were asked about ideation approaches such as “crowdsourcing.” These executives when asked about their definition of innovation, talked about three aspects: the outcomes (e.g., products, services, and business models) that they aim to achieve with innovation; the strategic choices that they have made to achieve these outcomes; and the investments and collaboration needed during the journey from inception of an idea to realization in the marketplace, solving a myriad of technical and commercial problems. Those executives that include in their definition “innovation as a journey” interpreted “ideation” in a broader context, not just an activity that is needed at the Front End, but also as being an activity that is repeated to solve a myriad of technical and commercial problems until an idea is realized in the market place. This interpretation of ideation is especially useful for High Tech and Medical Device innovation where new scientific and technical knowledge needs to be systematically incorporated into new products and services. Innovation in these industries is very dynamic, complex, and uncertain, and the ability to identify and implement “good” ideas ahead of the competition is a must.

At this workshop you will learn more about:

  • The best practices and lessons learned for generating better insights and ideas
  • A collaborative gaming approach designed to envision the future and create foresights to inspire new ideas for innovation
  • The practices and tools for Open Innovation that accelerate decision making while reducing intellectual property and regulatory risks
  • A methodology to assess your (or your competitor's) organizational capacity for innovation and strategies to improve it
  • Methodologies that inspire novel ideas for technical problem solving
  • The strategies, methods, and tools that lead to better insights and ideas for different aspects of innovation, e.g., sensing new trends, imagining future possibilities, finding external solutions, or solving critical technical and commercial problems
  • Ways to assess and improve organizational capacity for innovation
  • The classes of solutions that are essential for an enterprise to achieve its innovation goals
  • How Product Lifecycle Management, as a business innovation platform, continues to evolve to create competitive advantage in today’s connected economy

What to Expect If You Attend

Participants in CIMdata’s Innovation Engagement & Governance Workshop will gain a solid understanding of the innovation environment and the work that CIMdata’s Innovation Engagement & Governance Knowledge Councils is undertaking. Attendees will experience a lively forum in which to discuss the real issues related to the innovation. This event provides the opportunity to network with like-minded professionals, CIMdata’s innovation experts, and members of the CIMdata Innovation Engagement & Governance Knowledge Council.

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