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13 February 2009

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CIMdata, the leading global Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) consulting and research firm, today released its preliminary 2008 worldwide Mainstream PLM market results. Mainstream PLM is...


CIMdata Polls: Listening to the PLM Community - How have these stressful economic times impacted your PLM program?

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CIMdata Online Polls

CIMdata is now featuring online polls with real time reporting on our web site at Each week the results of the previous poll will be included in the CIMdata PLM Industry Summary to help you stay on top of trends in the PLM industry.

Take a moment to visit the site and vote on our current poll.

The results for the last opinion poll are:

In the light of these current uncertain economic times, it is of no surprise that many companies are drastically curtailing spending. What is of interested is where are companies cutting spending (i.e., from which projects or what types of projects). In order to find out, CIMdata recently conducted an opinion poll that asked participants how have the current stressful economic times impacted their PLM programs. When discarding the "None of the above" responses, approximately 63% of the remaining respondents reported that their PLM program has been negatively impacted in some manner (e.g., 14% reported that their project was stopped, 9% reported that their project’s scope had been reduced, and 15% reported that they have experienced a reduction of resources availability). These responses all point to the fact that a large percentage of the participant’s PLM programs, like many other business initiatives we read about in today’s news, have not been immune from the budget cutting knife. This in itself is not that interesting.

However, what is significantly more interesting is the fact that the vast majority of the participant’s indicated that their programs are continuing forward in some manner. In fact, it should be noted that 37% of the poll’s participants indicated that their PLM program has been positively impacted (e.g., almost 17% indicated that their program’s speed and/or importance has increased and approximately 14% indicated that they have seen absolutely no impact). These are very positive results, and ones that our upcoming polls will focus on in order to gain additional insight related to how the current uncertain economic times are impacting PLM’s adoption.

NOTE: The results of these polls are anecdotal, not scientific.
If you have a suggestion for a poll you'd like to see contact us at

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