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Improving Collaboration in the Aerospace Design Chain

Improving Collaboration in the Aerospace Design Chain

A Complimentary CIMdata Educational Webinar with James Roche, Director, Aerospace & Defense Practice, CIMdata and Dr. Ken Versprille, Executive Consultant, CIMdata

September 15, 2016
11:00  EDT | 08:00  PDT | 17:00 CEDT

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Do any of the following statements sound a little too familiar?
  • We find it hard to establish initial collaboration environments, including technical difficulties with collaboration software, IT infrastructure, and data transfer rates.
  • Intellectual property (IP) protection and export control ratings add delays in accessing needed data.
  • We lack standard workflow processes.
  • Much of our data is “Poor” data (i.e., quality and completeness) that requires validation before it can be used.
  • Gathering all the data necessary for collaboration is a challenge.
  • The logging and tracking of information requests and responses is a cause for concern.
  • Export control rating and separation of export controlled data is often difficult to achieve.
  • We experience network latency resulting in slow data transfers.
  • Sharing metadata (e.g., configuration, change process) is a major hurdle.
  • Use of data standards (e.g., STEP AP242).

Over the past decade, aerospace OEMs have dramatically increased their dependence on ever expanding global design chains. As this trend continues into the future, how will the industry deal with the pain points impeding information flow within these collaboration networks? Over the past three years a group of leading aerospace OEMs has funded extensive research to identify and provide insights on weaknesses, barriers, and problems in the current state and how these conditions will evolve over time, and then formulate strategies and actions to improve collaboration with their design partners in the future. Research initially focused on the perspective of the OEMs, and then, in a second round, compiled insights from more than 20 companies at all levels in the design chain. During this webinar CIMdata researchers will review their findings and discuss implications for future improvements in collaboration standards, technology, and processes.

What will I learn by attending this webinar?

  • A taxonomy of global product development collaboration as adopted by the major A&D OEMs will be shared.
  • A characterization of current state and future trends in collaboration will be offered.
  • The limits of current collaboration technologies will be explained.
  • High potential improvement opportunities will be demonstrated.
  • Insights on weaknesses, barriers, and problems in the current state and how these conditions will evolve over time, for identified opportunities will be shared.
  • Recommendations to improve collaboration within the aerospace design chain in the future will be proposed.

Join us for this webinar if you want to:

  • Understand the aerospace OEMs’ goals and perceived problems with design collaboration.
  • Understand the nature of current pain points impacting information flow through the design chain.
  • See the variations in how collaboration problems are viewed depending on where one is positioned in the design chain.
  • Gain insight into the relative impact and improvement potential of standards, technology, and process.
  • Gain practical advice that can be applied today to improve design chain collaboration.

Who should attend?

  • PLM program and project leaders
  • PLM program and project planners
  • Product development managers and team leaders
  • Product development collaboration managers
  • Product development collaboration process planners
  • Data exchange coordinators
  • Design supplier managers and coordinators
  • Design customer managers and coordinators
  • PLM collaboration network IT professionals
  • Anyone who wants to learn more about improving collaboration in the aerospace design chain

During the webinar you’ll also have the opportunity to ask questions about the topics discussed.


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