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Commentaries & Highlights

 PDF Key takeaways: Dassault Systèmes, continues to follow through on implementing its vision to enable sustainable innovation through the use of its 3DEXPERIENCE® platform, supported by the BIOVIA, GEOVIA, and SIMULIA brands. SIMULIA continues to improve its Additive Manufacturing simulation and process capabilities to take advantage of the latest advances…
 PDF Key takeaways: Model-based, cross-domain engineering at the systems level is still in the very early stages of industry adoption, even within the larger OEMs in aerospace, defense, and automotive. In this respect, adoption of MBSE or MBE processes and tools is similar to the maturity level of mechanical CAD…
Wednesday, May 31, 2017

PTC’s LiveWorx 2017 (Commentary)

 PDF Key takeaways: PTC continues its evolution in support of IoT, demonstrating the convergence of the digital and physical worlds. Its IoT support, with ThingWorx at the heart, links the physical world to the digital twin while their Augmented Reality capabilities bring data in the digital twin onto the physical…
 PDF Key takeaways: Product lifecycle management (PLM) strategies and enabling solutions have been adopted in many industrial sectors, including the retail, footwear, and apparel (RFA) segment, well beyond PLM’s origins in aerospace and automotive. Successfully implementing PLM in RFA firms requires deep RFA industry experience and process knowledge, and access…
 PDF Key takeaways: Dassault Systèmes’ DESIGN In the Age of Experience event was inspiring and a significant number of their clients showcased how they are using Dassault Systèmes’ 3DEXPERIENCE platform to change the way they innovate and design. Dassault Systèmes’ four pillars of design in the age of experience include:…
 PDFKey takeaways: Aras is positioned as a platform that implements digital threads to enable digital twins and digital transformations to support lifecycles of complex systems of systems. Aras announced the release of, or updates to, several major applications and supporting frameworks including: Technical Documentation (Tech Docs), Quality Management System (QMS),…
 PDF Key takeaways: PLM, which embodies the virtual assets of companies combined through mergers or acquisitions, is crucial for predicting and realizing potential synergies. PLM solution integration experts must be engaged early in the merger or acquisition target selection and due diligence so they can take appropriate action to realize…
 PDF Key Takeaways: CIMdata believes Dassault Systèmes has made strong progress in developing a platform that enables their customers to leverage simulation to achieve “sustainable innovation.” The base platform includes data management and process automation tools that enable the creation of apps that can be managed and shared to support…
 PDF Key takeaways: Up-front performance analysis and optimization, starting early in the product development cycle, requires both a systems view of the product and simulation and co-simulation models of varying degrees of fidelity. Leading thinkers are turning away from the creation of CAD geometry as “the design starting point” to…
 PDF Key takeaways: Dassault Systèmes’ continued investment in SOLIDWORKS, as well as its connection to their 3DEXPERIENCE platform, illustrates a long-term commitment to add value and ensure that SOLIDWORKS remains a design platform of choice for its customer base. Dassault Systèmes is driving to reduce the distance between the virtual…
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CIMdata’s PLM Benefits Appraisal Guide is designed to help potential PLM users evaluate the applicability and payoffs of PLM in their enterprise, and to help existing users of PLM monitor the impact it is having on their product programs.

AEC Market Overview Report

The CIMdata 2017 AEC Market Overview Report presents CIMdata’s detailed analysis of the Architecture, Engineering, and Construction (AEC) market.

PLM Market Analysis Reports

The PLM MAR Series provides detailed information and in-depth analysis on the worldwide PLM market. It contains analyses of major trends and issues, leading PLM providers, revenue analyses for geographical regions and industry sectors, and historical and projected data on market growth.

PLM Market Analysis Country Reports

These reports offer country-specific analyses of the PLM market. Their focus is on PLM investment and use in industrial markets. Reports cover Brazil, France, Germany, India, Italy, Japan, Russia, South Korea, the United Kingdom, and the United States.

Simulation & Analysis Market Analysis Report

This report presents CIMdata’s overview of the global simulation and analysis market, one of the fastest growing segments of the overall product lifecycle management market, including profiles of the leading S&A firms.

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This report presents CIMdata’s overview of the worldwide CAM software and services market. It also includes a discussion on the trends in the CAM industry and updates on the top CAM solution providers.