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Here's what people are saying about CIMdata's PLM Leadership Education & Training Events

"The certificate program consolidated all of the relevant information we needed to extend our PLM into a single course, saving us time and money."

Recent attendee

"CIMdata provides an amazing learing experience with a collaborating, eengaging atmosphere. Their instructors are knowledgeable and enthusiastic!."

Recent attendee

"CIMdata PLM Certificate should be required for any organization that is planning to implement PLM business practices."

—Kurt Vaillancourt – Stanford SWAC

"A must-attend program for anyone that is planning to participate in PLM selection or implementation activities at their organization."

—Shinod Kumar, Edwards Lifesciences, USA

"In order to select and implement a PLM solution, there are too many aspects to consider and the CIMdata PLM Certificate Program covers all of them in a balanced and independent way. It is a very good start point to all companies that are planning to invest in this critical technology."

—Sergio Aguiar, Embraer, Brazil

"CIMdata PLM Certificate Program has boosted exponentially my understanding of PLM and my confidence to evangelize it."

—Rafael Navarro, Cranfield University, UK

"Wish I had this BEFORE we implemented our PLM. It will be good for continuous improvement."


"The PLM course provides a great overall view of the business value of PLM. It will expand your knowledge so you can extend PLM benefits in your organization."

—Dan Miles, Tata Technologies, USA

"CIMdata are the PLM experts that you need on your side in the journey of PLM."

—Rajeeve Tevari, Bharat Heavy Electricals Ltd., India

"Hazy about PLM? Come to CIMdata and clarify."

—Mrs. B. Uma Prasad, Bharat Heavy Electricals Ltd., India

"It was a great week for me to learn PLM from the grass roots. Jim and Ken are excellent trainers and facilitators with deep industry knowledge, and I feel privileged to have been part of the certification program."

—Srikanth Arumilli, 3M Corporation, USA

"I wish we had done this before we started our PLM effort..."

—Jeff Burk, Whirlpool, USA

"Very valuable for business, not only functional and IT oriented; very good quality and professional."

—Philippe Gautreau, PCO Innovations, France

"PLM Leadership program provides good baseline for PLM knowledge."

—Henri Syrjalainen, Outotec, Finland

"This training opens my mind. PLM is bigger than I thought!"

—Ruben Anacelto, Whirlpool, Brazil

"The PLM Certificate Program will raise the knowledge of team members to anticipate the hurdles in efficiently implementing PLM solutions and return the investment through increased company profits and pride in their products."

—Stephen Burton, Gulfstream

"Excellent foundation for learning the requirements for putting together the PLM roadmap."

—Jim Stanislawski, Bombardier Recreational Products

"Very good program, I wish more of our peers could attend also. I learned a lot..."

—Joel Arkens, Harley Davidson

"Good course and introduction to PLM and the issues surrounding an implementation. I enjoyed the instructors and the different experiences the other classmates brought. This rating (good) does not reflect the quality of the information presented—only my ability to affect change in my organization’s PLM initiative."

—Joshua Billington, Trane/Ingersoll Rand

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Featured Cimdata Reports

PLM Benefits Appraisal Guide

CIMdata’s PLM Benefits Appraisal Guide is designed to help potential PLM users evaluate the applicability and payoffs of PLM in their enterprise, and to help existing users of PLM monitor the impact it is having on their product programs.

PLM Market Analysis Reports

The PLM MAR Series provides detailed information and in-depth analysis on the worldwide PLM market. It contains analyses of major trends and issues, leading PLM providers, revenue analyses for geographical regions and industry sectors, and historical and projected data on market growth.

PLM Market Analysis Country Reports

These reports offer country-specific analyses of the PLM market. Their focus is on PLM investment and use in industrial markets. Reports cover Brazil, France, Germany, India, Italy, Japan, Russia, South Korea, the United Kingdom, and the United States.

Simulation & Analysis Market Analysis Report

This report presents CIMdata’s overview of the global simulation and analysis market, one of the fastest growing segments of the overall product lifecycle management market, including profiles of the leading S&A firms.

CAM Market Analysis Report

This report presents CIMdata’s overview of the worldwide CAM software and services market. It also includes a discussion on the trends in the CAM industry and updates on the top CAM solution providers.