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Wednesday, November 29, 2017

AVL Adds Multi-Disciplinary System Simulation Software to the Altair Partner Alliance

The Altair Partner Alliance (APA) is pleased to announce the addition of AVL CRUISE™ M to its current software offering of AVL FIRE™ M and AVL EXCITE™ Acoustics. AVL CRUISE™ M is a multi-disciplinary system simulation solution designed for model-based development using high quality real-time models from different domains (engine, flow, after-treatment, driveline, electrics, hydraulics, etc). A state-of-the-art graphical user interface enables setup and execution of the entire modelling workflow from building the model to the post-processing of the simulation results.  
“With specific solutions for powertrain and thermal management, AVL CRUISE™ M offers HyperWorks users the ability to not only calibrate ECUs with a virtual engine at an early stage but also to help support the control system development in the validation phase, said Keshav Sundaresh, Global Director of Business Development for Math and Systems at Altair. “HyperWorks currently offers fully integrated and automated 1D-3D CAE solutions for powertrain simulation and optimization including a single solver format for analysis of NVH, structures and durability, multi-physics coupling and system simulation. We’re very excited to add AVL CRUISE™ M to the APA ecosystem and further enhance the toolset for holistic engine and powertrain development.” 
The AVL CRUISE™ M numerical solver is tailored for efficient multi-physics system simulation and is combined with a highly flexible, multi-level modeling approach open to 3rd party tools offering FMI as a standard model exchange interface. The software seamlessly supports control function and strategy development tasks, xCU calibration on HiL systems and component testing on test systems. This highly versatile tool is applicable through the entire development process, making the advantages of multi-physics system simulation more accessible than ever.  
“We are delighted to add AVL CRUISE™ M to our APA offering,” said Robert Strasser, Lead Engineer Real Time & System Simulation, Development Large Engines, Engineering and Technology Powertrain Systems at AVL List GmbH. “AVL CRUISE™ M is a valuable tool within the entire development process supporting customer and R&D projects in the field of large engine system simulation applications as well as in engine control development and calibration reducing development time and costs for HyperWorks users.” 
AVL CRUISE™ M is typically used in design and assessment of powertrain concepts, system layout analysis, balancing energy flow and energy management system optimization. An integrated scalable model fidelity approach enables the utilization of the AVL CRUISE™ M subsystem and overall vehicle models anywhere in the powertrain development process from concept phase to testing. 
An introductory webinar for AVL CRUISE™ M will be held on December 14th at 10 a.m. ET with a focus on using CRUISE™ M for model-based control function development. For more information about the software, please visit the product page for AVL CRUISE™ M.  

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