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Friday, December 15, 2017

Spreadsheets: How Much of a Problem Are They?

CIMdata’s Dr. Keith Meintjes, recently shared his views on the use of spreadsheets in engineering. 

According to Keith:

“The perceived problem with spreadsheets is that they are unmanaged, uncontrolled, and not traceable. (The allure is that they are unmanaged, uncontrolled, and not traceable.) In my opinion, this is intentional. The allure (by design) of personal devices is their openness and accessibility. IBM (at least the PC people) and Microsoft fully intended to empower the users and break the rigid constraints of mainframe computing. The unfortunate result has been unmanaged tools and a myriad of security holes.” 

Learn more by reading the full blog post at: 

Don’t forget to share your views and comments with Keith and let him know what you are thinking!

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